pig Gate




* Size: 3 ft.x6 ft.

Gates: 2 ft. x 2&1/2 ft.

* Simple to Install

* Heavy-Duty Built

* Dependable for  catching hogs.



The Two-Way Catch Gate is is handy for catching pigs and at the same time causing no stress to the animals. 

There is a spring-loaded gate on each side and each gate can only open in one direction.  Pigs quickly learn which gate they can enter by and which is the exit. 

To catch the hogs, simply lock the exit gate and the next morning all the pigs will have come in for feeding but none will get out.  There is no need to have someone stand at the the gate when catching individual hogs, since the hogs are already using the entrance gate. 


The design is trouble free.  The gates are pulled closed with door springs.  The Two-Way Catch Gate works for feeder pigs through sows.  


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